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One month down...

​Holy **** it's the last day in January!

Training update - week commencing Jan 22nd:

Wattbike Sessions: 2

Wattbike Km (approx): 60.4

Wattbike Calories burned (approx): 1,182

Outdoor Rides: 1

Outdoor Km: 113.4

Outdoor Calories burned (approx): 2,162

Total Km: 173.8

Song of the week: Tom Misch - Water Baby - YouTube Link

Firstly, apologies. It's been a hectic end to the month so the idea of two blogs per week fell to the wayside pretty quickly! That's one of the problems of working in finance... when it's busy, it is properly busy. Closing year end off has meant much less time to focus on this but I've found some time tonight, luckily.

As silly as it sounds, there isn't much to update on from a training perspective. I'm continuing to use the wattbikes at the gym (although they're constantly broken so I'm toying with the idea of cancelling the membership and buying a smart trainer for home instead... any thoughts?), and when the weather permits I'm heading out for longer rides at the weekend.

This is a summary of my ride this weekend, and I'm also kind of proud of the photo! I'm far from a photographer but I think that portrays how moody it was!

I say "when the weather permits" because it's been a horrible January in the UK for riding a bike. It's constantly been wet, grey skies and very windy. That 113km ride was done with 20mph+ crosswinds for the most part so while a very good training ride, it was incredibly hard mentally and I found myself swearing at the wind (yes, literally talking to the weather out loud) for the last 10km when I turned for home and realised it was now a block headwind.

(The consequences of riding in the UK winter...)

The thing I like about doing long rides in one big loop, though, is that no matter what, you have to keep going if you want to get home... you can't bail out halfway and take an easy route home.

Unfortunately I won't be able to use the "weather permitting" excuse for much longer. As of the second weekend in February I start incorporating 2 weekend rides into my training routine. It starts slowly (125km on the Saturday with a 50km recovery ride on the Sunday) but before long it will be back to back 100km rides, with more hills. That elevation of 701m will be increased over the next few weeks until it's around 1,500m which is probably the most I can realistically expect to achieve without driving out to the Surrey hills.

That's about all I have to update you guys with at the moment, I'm afraid. A very short blog today, although I will put up a second one soon that isn't so training-orientated.

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Thank you all.

To quote Jim Carrey in The Truman Show:

"And in case I don't see you. Good afternoon, good evening and good night"