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Dealing with sickness!

(muddy bike after the only ride I've managed to get in this week)

First - song of the week:

All the Stars - Kendrick Lamar ft SZA - Link to Video (probably with NSFW lyrics)

Such a good beat, and the headline song for a pretty good film too!

That song has actually kept me fairly upbeat this beat because isn't being ill just one of the most frustrating feelings? Especially when training has been going so well and then you're forced to take a week off for reasons that are out of your control.

Or are they out of your control?

I don't know about you but I can always tell I'm going to be ill a couple of days before it actually kicks in for real and it got me thinking... Why? What do I do so wrong that my body physically warns me that it's about to fail on me? The answer is actually quite simple and comes down to one word.


See, while I've been sober all year, and been going to the gym two or three times a week, and been out riding at the weekends (wrapped up nice and warm while avoiding the really bad weather), and always make sure I stay very hydrated throughout the day, I have completely neglected my diet under the false pretense that "I'll be burning off a couple of thousand calories so therefore I can eat what I want". Unfortunately, it turns out that that's bollocks (generally speaking) except for maybe on the days when I actually do go out for 130km+ rides. The fruit smoothies are a good start but only when the sugar is going to be used, otherwise I may as well just have a bowl of coco pops!

Speaking personally now, my diet is terrible probably 70% of the time. I'll be the first to say that I'm fairly lazy in this regard, and I would hazard a guess that most men or women who live on their own would probably be the same. It's very hard to find the motivation to work from 8-5, then come home and spend the time to prepare a more complex meal just for yourself but it is something that I am going to have to do from now on. And that's not just during this training cycle. This is in life from now on! Luckily my girlfriend has similar interests so should be able to help me here!

With all of that said... If you have any favourite recipes or dishes that you like to cook in the evenings then please let me know what they are in the comments below or add me on Facebook :-)

In other news... my Le Loop kit was delivered for the ride this summer! Plenty of space on the back for potential sponsorship and advertising opportunities. I'll be talking to some local companies over the next few weeks to gather a group of sponsors that I believe in. Hopefully it could be the start of a bunch of great relationships so if you know anyone who could benefit from some advertising on this blog, on my instagram, on Le Loop's official website and social media feeds (through photos of me, not through a collaboration with Le Loop), or if you're interested yourselves, then please get in touch! I've got a small but growing social media presence, so there's a great chance to be a part of this growth over the next few months and years.

I'll sign off this blog with a little teaser. All this talk of growth will lead to something big that could potentially be happening in 2020. No more than that for now but watch out for some more information coming soon...

As always, I am doing all of this to raise money for a wonderful cause in the William Wates Memorial Trust. Please click on the button below to help me raise as much money as possible for this amazing Trust that helps to turn young people's lives around on a daily basis.

Thank you.

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