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My new toy...

It finally feels like Spring!! So it's time for another weekly blog.

Song of the week:

Let me down - Jorja Smith (ft Stormzy) - YouTube Link (with NSFW lyrics I would imagine)

So with all of the terrible weather around the UK, and Europe in general, over the last week or so I decided to buy myself something to make indoor training a bit more fun! Less than 24 hours after placing my order and I receive this package at my work's reception...

It might be a little bit OTT but cancelling the gym membership will mean that it pays for itself in around a year. I wanted something that has dual connectivity, meaning the trainer can connect to apps such as trainerroad, the sufferfest and Zwift enabling them to see my cadence and power outputs; as well as the apps controlling the resistance of the trainer. I love this function as you can do all sorts of stepped workouts without changing gear. Perfect for minimising the noise the indoor trainer makes as you can keep it in the small ring and a low gear.

This is now my set up (or the Pain Cave as I think they're commonly known nowadays)! The trainer's legs fold away so the storage width of the whole thing is no wider than the handlebars of the bike which is perfect. Luckily, I had a mat sitting around from an old turbo trainer set up I had previously which is definitely a necessity... especially when I forget to turn the central heating off so it switches on halfway through an FTP test!

I'm really pleased with how this works. So simple to set up, so simple to pair with all of the apps and it means I don't have to wait for wattbikes at the gym (which are never running perfectly). Plus, the bike is already set up for my body so it should absolutely minimise the risk of any training injuries! The only problem is that I want to train every day now and I'm having to force myself not to... not a bad problem to have though.

In other news... my fundraising page has now reached over 50% of my target! A donation of £250 from Morgan McKinley, a brilliant recruitment firm around central and west London who I have personally used loads over the last few years, pushed me over the halfway point yesterday and confirmed that they are the 2nd company to be represented on my event jerseys in the summer.

There are still a few spaces left so please keep the messages coming if you're interested in working alongside me.

As the days are getting warmer (15 degrees C today!!) it's now time to pick up the mileage at the weekends... Hopefully this weekend will be the first of many where I can be out for 5+ hours so watch this space (and watch me on strava!).

Thanks for reading, as always! I'm always gobsmacked by how many people mention to me that they've read these blogs.