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An Open Letter to Sponsors

With 2 weeks left until I have to send my jerseys off for printing, I wanted to pen an open letter to all of my network in a bid to fill the last 2 spaces. Please read all of the below:

2018 “Le Loop” Charity Bike Ride - Jersey Sponsorship

Dear Sponsor!

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering supporting my fundraising efforts in 2018. I am sure you get approached by people asking for your support regularly, so I am extremely grateful for any relationship that can be forged between us as a result of this letter.

In July I will be taking part in a charity bike ride called Le Loop (, which means I will be riding the Tour de France route one week before Chris Froome and the rest of the professionals. I’m hoping to raise as much money as possible for the brilliant William Wates Memorial Trust ( This year I will be riding 6 of the stages, along with around 120 others, which will encompass 979km in six days; a stage finish in the ski resort of Alpe D’Huez; cresting more than ten Alpine mountains; and enough vertical ascending to equate to cycling from sea level to the peak of Mount Everest twice.

I doubt you will have heard of the William Wates Memorial Trust [WWMT], so please allow me a paragraph to share with you what they do and why I believe in their mission before detailing what your company can gain from a collaboration. Please note that I am not affiliated to the Trust at all, nor do I work for Le Loop who organise this event each year, but I do feel passionately about the work that they undertake. WWMT is a registered charity that gives grants to much smaller, local charities throughout the UK who support disadvantaged children and young adults right here in our own communities, helping them through the toughest parts of their lives and guiding them towards growing into responsible adults when the easiest path to take would have been very different. Charities that receive grants are so small and localised that they would probably not exist without the funding received from the WWMT. Charities such as ReachOut who offer tuition services and character development for severely disadvantaged and impoverished 11-16 year olds in the London suburb of Lewisham; The Children’s Literacy Charity who work with children, including those with dyslexia and special needs, who are up to 24 months behind their age-related expectations and are becoming disengaged from education at a young age; and the BigKid Foundation who use sports engagement as a means of guiding young adults away from the pressure of gangs and criminality. They’re not the big famous charity names we’ve all heard of, but their work is more immediate and their need for funds even more acute.

I had the joy of meeting a couple of young men who have benefitted from WWMT, when they were brought out to join our ride last summer. Spending one day with them convinced me of the life-changing effect these charities can have on kids who haven’t had the luckiest start in life. It made me even more determined to raise funds for them this year.

Now, what am I proposing… and what can you get out of this?

As you may have guessed by now I am asking for a charitable donation to my fundraising efforts (a suggested donation of £250 to my fundraising page, not me directly). However, as the original heading of this letter suggested, unlike most pleas for donations I am offering a collaboration whereby I will have your company’s logo added to TWO of my official event jerseys, as shown below.

There is enough space on this jersey for up to 5 sponsors in clearly visible areas without intruding on each other’s space, those being two in the white area above the “Le Loop” logo; two in the darker blue area below the yellow band; and one on the left sleeve (the right one has the WWMT logo on). I’m asking if you would be prepared to consider this type of shirt sponsorship.

Along with this you will receive the following exposure:

  • Once jerseys are complete, I will ensure photos are taken and will be used as the front photo on all my fundraising efforts for this year, including my Virgin Money Giving webpage and all subsequent pleas on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • I will personally thank all sponsors individually on my social media accounts (currently I have around 400 followers on most of my social media platforms, but these are growing by the day and this growth is my main focus at the moment);

  • I will write a specific blog post thanking all sponsors, as well as going into more detail about what you do and why I wanted to partner with you ( is my blog website);

  • These jerseys will not only be worn in France during the ride. I will wear them in all circumstances such as training rides around Berkshire/Surrey/Hertfordshire/Bucks, training sessions in the gym, and during sportives with thousands of other cyclists;

  • During the ride there will be plenty of Facebook live and Instagram live videos recorded on both my social media as well as others which will obviously increase visibility of your brand.

I will, of course, do everything I can to increase the exposure of your business wherever possible on top of the above points. I know how much any sponsorship will help people a lot less fortunate than myself, and for that I cannot thank you enough.

So please, if you are interested at all in helping this effort to improve lives right here in the UK, while watching me take on an insane challenge, then do contact me using any of the means on this blog and we can head forward from there!

Thank you,

Tom Wells